Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Paradigm shift in personal fashion

I wore trousers to the office today! Black with pinstripes and teamed with a tunic and scarf. From all the compliments I got, I believe I accessorized correctly. (Ahem, ahem...patting myself on the back, there...and no, I didn't wear red stilletos...the pic just looked yummy enough to post!)

So why is this a big deal, you wonder? Well, because it's the first time I've ever worn trousers in a looooo-ooong time. And boy, was I nervous! But it seems to have gone down well. Phew!

When I was growing up, my father thought trousers were unfeminine and unbecoming for women. (Don't comment on's a long story.) Besides, I was (and still am) fat, so I thought I looked better in skirts and that safe harbor of Indian fashion: salwar-kameez suits.

I had two pairs of trousers when I was around 4-5 years old. Then Mum got me a tailored denim jean-and-jacket set for my sixth birthday and after that, I had a pair of slacks as part of my winter school uniform in the fifth grade. (They changed the uniform the following year.) That was it, until 1999. I'd been married a year or so around then and it got really cold (we were in New Delhi then). I needed something like thick jeans for the night shifts I did, and even then, I teamed it up with a knee-length woollen sweater.

I outgrew those jeans after having my son and put on some (okay, a lot) more weight after that. So it's been just salwar-kameez and skirts, mostly long ones. No sarees, even. Mum says I look 10 years older in that outfit so it's a strict no-no. This is especially important because my mother is very pretty, not fat, and looks 10 years younger than she actually is. Oh yes, and she has a great sense of style. :)

Anyway, so here I am, this morning, wearing formal trousers to work. Feeling terribly conscious but what the heck...if I don't start to try to look younger at 34, I might as well call for sackcloth and ashes and begin to mourn my lost youth. Darned if I do that. So here's wishing I find more trousers in my size (and get used to wearing them).

ps: one advantage of wearing trousers is that I walk around with my gut sucked in...maybe my paunch (of course I have one) will shrink that way?

pps: here's what my son had to say after looking me up and down: "'re not thin but this makes you look thinner than you are." Why, thank you, my boy. Just don't say that to your girlfriend when you finally get one. :-P
Image from Freerangestock


Raising Mercury said...

YAY! becoming a daring fashionista now eh? triple thumbs up darling =) never too old or too young to try new things.. really proud of you, i know the 'oh gosh this is something new and not used to it' feeling.. but of course the compliments do help make you feel comfortable in the end. Heck, i think the great feeling you get trying something new is grand enough =) hehhe, wished your son gave you a more constructive compliment! hehehe.. oh about being fat-ish? i think the bulk of us suffer from it apart from those paper thin ones, so no worries there =) big is beautiful! plus, being too thin (according to indian culture if i am not mistaken) isnt a good thing right? like you are not eating enough, or your hubby isnt taking care of you enough type of thing? heheh, anyways... happy vals day hunny!

A Lost Writer said...

Hey, Happy Valentine's Day to you too. And thanks for the encouragement: need it all the time. Yes, traditionally, the female Indian has been more curvy than her Western counterparts. But that's changing. Globalization and what have you. :-P At any rate, I tend to lose weight when I'm happy. When I'm depressed, the pounds pile on. So fashion and food are intertwined! I'm attempting a new hair-do soon. Will keep ya posted! :)