Tuesday, February 5, 2008

OMG! Migraines again! No, no, no.

I had a severe migraine problem in college, which went away on its own. It's been over a decade since I finished college and although I've had the occasional mild attack, it's never been as bad as last night. I'd had a headache since the afternoon and finally popped a pill after dinner. Three hours later, the headache was ten times worse and I couldn't sleep. And I was nauseous. I knew why. I'm seriously sleep-deprived after the family-illness and flood of work at the office and the little brat's mounting tantrums. I guess this was my body's way of saying: Enough!

I actually rubbed Vicks (meant for colds) all over my forehead to force my eyes shut and finally dozed off around 3 am. This morning, I awoke early, at 6 am, even before my alarm rang. But everything was a haze. I somehow managed to get through the morning routine. Halfway to office, the headache hit me like a bolt of lightning - out of the blue. By the time I reached office, I was nauseous again and just about to talk. One Brufen 400 (yeah, it's still legally available in India) and two glasses of lemon tea later, I felt mildly better. It was so tempting to just take half a day off, go home to an empty house and sleep it off. But I have no leave left and I certainly didn't want to suffer loss of pay.

Go away, migraine! That's an order. I need to be functional again.


Raising Mercury said...

migraines are terribly debilitating! i dont have migraines, but i constantly get headaches =( i used to use those cold migraine packs, the menthol kind and it worked. But nowadays i yank a few ponstan down my throat. Its just a painkiller of sorts, hope your migraine problem gets better, you should see a doctor about it..

Rach said...

Definatly see a doctor, hopefully they can help you.


A Lost Writer said...

Rach and Raising Mercury, thanks for your concern. Very touching. :)
I plan to see a doctor later this week. Have managed to get some time off work finally. The situation is slightly better, but only just. Thanks again!