Monday, February 18, 2008

At the office: A disturbance in the force

Well, we finally found a key resource to fill a position that's been vacant for the past 4 months. This person will join only in around 6 weeks.

The good news is that I will have less work once the person joins us. The bad news is, I may just be losing my USP in this firm. I've been trying to quit for a while now, but there isn't anything great on the horizon. Besides, it's almost the end of the financial year here in India, so there isn't much hiring going on at senior/mid-senior levels. So things are a bit fluid. Had this happened a year ago (and it almost did) I'd have been falling apart, worrying about 'the future.' I've learnt now how to tell myself that if I can't change something, there's no point in making it an issue that clouds my present.

Plus, someone else is getting fired at the office. Although I have arranged for alternate employment for this person, I can't be sure how things will go.

The uncertainty is part of urban human existence in the 21st century. Call it a side-effect of globalization. The world gets more competitive and you have to come up with ways to advertise and promote your skills even if they're not good. I've never been good at promoting myself although everybody tells me my skills are great. In fact, I suck at the whole self-PR gig. So how am I going to get out there and prove myself? Frankly, I have no idea. But I'm damned if I don't try.

So far, my life has been all about whatever-happens-happens-for-the-best (even if it takes a couple of years for the "best" to show up.) So it will be interesting to see how things pan out. Watch this space.


Raising Mercury said...

hey there, its me again =) youve been trying to quit? people job hop a lot here in malaysia, i do hope you have good opportunities ahead of you =)

youve made me wonder though, i think its normal for people (like you and me) to downplay our talents and emphasize on our flaws. Im sure not all people, but in you and me..

i just happened to notice, that thats exactly how i am! am unsure of almost everything especially things that make me unique (in your case, your really good PR skills, which you somehow believe you dont have, when i am sure you really do, sometimes its better to trust people than yourself! heheehe) AND instead, think more about my flaws.

I wonder when will i ever grow out of it. To be honest, i think people like us are prone to the crimes of being stepped on or taken advantage of. My dad calls it the pitfalls of being magnanimous.

Hahaha, i might be referring to myself really! but if you do feel the same =) weve got lots to work on! hugs.. thx for sharing (again, sorry for the ridiculously long comment!)

A Lost Writer said...

Hey, I'm glad you drop by and take the time to write in. So long comments are welcomed with open arms!

'Pitfalls of being magnanimous' - I love that going to ponder on that. At least I've made enough progress to think that I'm capable of doing something for myself. Now, if I had a modus operandi! :-P

Watch this space. :)