Friday, February 8, 2008

I am going crazy on LinkedIn

That's it. I've gone just loony on LinkedIn trying to expand my network. I'm on Orkut, but hate it - something to do with the fact that I'm over 30, my husband is an Orkut-addict, and the fact that it seems really juvenile! Now LinkedIn shows promise for the simple reason that I'm trying to change my job and I'm hoping something will happen through an extended network. Problem is, I don't really have the time to nurture a network, so it's a lot of stop-and-start.

I blame my altered brain chemistry - from the migraines. I have no idea if migraines alter brain chemistry, but I would bet my favorite pair of shoes that they do! Coz I've been behaving slightly uncharacteristically since the migraines behind - my wicked wit has returned in full force, for one.

Then I'm also seriously considering going back to working from home. My son has turned into a serious cry-baby and needs a good spanking (hello, altered brain chemistry, remember?) He finished his homework this morning - five minutes before his schoolbus arrived! This happened after he told us it was sports day at the school. Now that seemed unlikely because the school ALWAYS sends us a circular on such things. But the little brat was adamant it was this morning and that's why he didn't need to finish the extra homework last night. (He's still catching up as he missed a week in school in January.) This morning, I phoned the school and got a confirmation that there was no sports day happening today, so I had to cajole and threaten him to get him to hold a pencil. After which he bawled, howled and brought the house down. DH, of course, said it didn't matter if he didn't do it within a day IN.FRONT.OF.THE.KID. Disaster. I would have none of it and embarked on another round of cajoling, threatening, etc.

Anyway, I managed to get kiddo to finish his homework and bundled him into the school bus on time. And fumed all the way to work. Sigh! I plead guilty to the inability to let things go!!

So where was I? Oh yes, getting another job or quitting this one and starting to work from home again. At least I'd be writing again. Professionally. I miss that a lot. But finding clients (although I never had a shortage) is a pain and I'm hoping to find different work to do from home this time around. Move up in life somewhat. Suggestions, anyone?


Rose said...

I've got no work advice, actually I'm finding myself in the exact same boat. (You can add me to your network on Linked In... for all the good it'll do you. :-) email me and I'll give you my info.)
As for the homework thing? Sink or swim baby. If he doesn't do his homework, presumably he'll have to deal with the consequences and what better way to learn?

By the way, thank you for linking to my blog! I really appreciate it!

A Lost Writer said...

I DO want to add you to my network...mainly because I don't want it to just be a business thing, but then I don't want it to be a meaningless thing, either. Will email you!

As for the kid, well, I'm not sure what happened, but he's terrified he's going to flunk kindergarten and not be able to get to the first grade. So he's gone all serious about school and reading and writing. I'm not complaining! :)