Thursday, January 31, 2008

Time to change

I actually wanted to write about it being time to change my job. Change is good, I told myself, and then for some strange reason, remembered poop-filled diapers. Lol! And wrote the previous post. Just felt like I had to.
Anyway, the boss decided to take away my car-and-driver perks (inevitable thanks to the rising rupee and the boss goofing up on many a business plan). Somehow, it didn't affect me much. I plan to buy my own car if I can't buy the firm car I'm using now for a decent rate. He's let me keep the driver for 2 more months until I perfect my driving. That brings it to the end of the financial year (March end) and I'm hoping to get a job by then or soon after. Not meaning to be ungrateful or anything, but this thing was supposed to be my hike for last year and now he's taking it away. It's a pay cut, really.
I'm not angry (surprise, surprise) or humiliated (not many people in the office know, so it's okay) or even feeling bad. Somehow, I'd been expecting this. Don't ask me why.
So now I have no excuse to not start searching for another job. Especially now that boss has decided that I need to be an analyst and write the CFA. C-F-A -- there, I wrote it. That's the best I can do. :-P
Seriously, I signed up as a writer/editor, but boss claims I can't write or edit. Interesting. But one man (who can't even spell right half the time) is not going to shake my confidence in my abilities.
Maybe I'll have to take a paycut: not a problem since DH is back to work and will hopefully complete his probation successfully by the time I quit this place.
What a month this has been! February, I do hope you're better.

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