Thursday, January 10, 2008

DH goes back to work

The DH went back to work today after 13 months at home during which time he finished one novel and started on another. It's his old company but a different division. It's a good package, especially since he'll be working with people he's friends with. The job involves some amount of travel and neither of us mind that.

It was quite a rushed affair this morning since all three of us had to leave home at the same time. There were two lunchbags to pack instead of one (and I couldn't seem to find the appropriate containers - after all, 13 months is a long gap) and Poppet got a dressing down for dawdling. He dawdles every day but today, Daddy dear had to go to work too, so he got yelled at. Cried his eyes out.

I felt for him, and felt worse when I remembered that I've done the same thing myself in the past, only to have DH tell me that I was ruining my son's life by "making him cry every morning." Had he not been so vindictive towards me and maturely decided to train our son (instead of mollycoddling him over his morning routine) today's "scene" could have been avoided. Very sad for the little moppet, but he'll have to get used to getting things done on time. He goes into the first grade next June and no matter which school he's in, he'll have to leave earlier than he does now. So he'd better get used to managing his own routine instead of having a parent trail him to get everything done to make sure he makes it to the school bus on time.

Also interesting to observe will be how DH manages waking up early and getting ready on time to leave with me. ;-) And the travel, and the late nights. Watch this space...

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