Wednesday, January 30, 2008

On strike in the kitchen

I knew I would do something like this sooner or later! And I've done it today. As of tomorrow morning, I'm not cooking. I'll probably put together the Poppet's milk (mix Bournvita with hot milk and sugar) but that's about it, I think. I need a break from the whole good-wife routine in the mornings. I can't stress myself out like this every morning trying to think of what to make and having to make 12 rotis even though my back is killing me from standing up.

Either we all need to sleep at least an hour early (oh Munchkin, when will you start to sleep by 10.30 at least?) or my DH needs to GROW UP and fend for himself. True, he's better around the house than a lot of other Indian husbands, but seriously, not being able to pack his own lunch box after I've done all the cooking is just plain dumb. No more spoonfeeding. And he needs to NOT switch on the computer first thing in the morning. Damn you Orkut and Cricinfo!

The worst part is that he still brags - yes, openly brags - about how he can cook for himself. Really? Well, I'd like him to survive on his own cooking for a week at a stretch (no ordering-in allowed) and see him keep his sanity. He hasn't cooked anything more than an egg in years. So this is going to be worth watching. Seriously. How many vegetable sandwiches is he going to eat?

For the past 3 years, I've listened to him rant about how his doc says he shouldn't eat out and done my best to ensure that there is something home-made to eat at home. I've been taunted and insulted and riled for my pains and I've had enough! He's just gone back to work now, so let him get his own food, too. That may sound nasty but really, he needs to learn to cook what he expects me to cook all the time. Or he needs to grow up and ADMIT he's a lousy cook. Hey, he doesn't even have to please the kid with his cooking. My mother is only too happy to take care of all the brat's meals. And the brat will be just as happy too.

So now, DH, let the challenge begin!

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