Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sometimes, not caring is important

No, there isn't any great moral story or philosophy encrypted in the title. It's just that I've had enough. Really. Just stopped caring about the 101 things that used to get me worked up. I'm ill, exhausted and not in any condition to take any more crap from anyone. This probably sounds evil but it was great to watch DH struggling with heating his dinner in the microwave.

It's 9 pm and my son hasn't done his homework yet. He's got plenty pending from last week when he couldn't attend school because he was ill. But every time I've asked him to do it, he starts to whine and cry and whatnot. So I told him that he was 6 years old now and getting the homework done before he went to sleep was his responsibility.

Here's one thing I do care about. I know that if I don't cook something tomorrow, my husband is not going to pack himself a sandwich. His boss is in town, so they'll either go to some swanky place for lunch or he'll order something from some shady joint. Problem is, there's gastro-enteritis epidemic in the area where is office is. So I'll rustle up something in the morning. It's not going to satisfy him, but I honestly do not have the patience or the energy to roll out any more rotis. Health over happiness. This is a man whose life revolves around eating well and sleeping well (I have it straight from the horse's mouth - in black & white, too.) So a little discomfort will do him well. A little rest will do me a lot of good. And frankly, I need to reclaim my sanity.

I haven't done one thing from that list I posted a couple of days back. Also forgot to buy my lens solution today. So I'm going to be squinting at the monitor at work tomorrow unless I can buy a bottle on the way to office.

More evil thoughts later. There's a sandwich I need to enjoy.

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