Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Things to do: The list grows longer

When you 'lose' 10 days of your life, it gets a little difficult to catch up. Especially when you're a working mom with a sick kid, sick mom, moody DH, scary Dad and of course, your own aches, pains and coughs. Sigh.

As of now, I have to start reading DH's novel. (He was supposed to go out of town for a few days but that trip just got cancelled...sniff...no vacation for me.) Then I have to go to the tailor and pick up a blouse and give her long overdue instructions about another dress. DH has to be fitted for a suit, and I have to buy material for a saree blouse for the fancy office do coming up in 3 weeks.

Half my shoes and sandals are in need of repair so I need to get those fixed and stop wearing really sad looking footwear to the office.

My eyeliner is lost, so I'm looking sicker than I feel.

I have to reschedule an appointment I missed with the doctor last week.

I have to sort out a mutual fund related mess that started after my broker goofed up. Have to get the KYC compliance done by Thursday as well.

I'm tired of eating bland stuff but would feel terribly guilty about eating anything else coz that's about all my son can eat right now.

I had better buy a bottle of lens solution today or spend tomorrow squinting at my computer screen and at the world in general. (When am I going to get a new pair of glasses, you ask? Last time I wore my old pair for 3 days, I had a crick in the neck...so.....)

The driver has disappeared again...some family thing, he claims. He seems to be doing that pretty often and it's ruining my plans all the time. Oh yes, have to restart my driving lessons. Wonder if my deposit holds good. Not that I'm going to be cruisin' through the streets of Bangalore any time soon, but at least I won't be dependent on the driver all the time. At least I think I won't.

What I really want to do is sleep for maybe 24 hours at a stretch and feel fresh again and not have to worry about my son's health and how much he's missed at school.

Oh yes, and most important of all, we have to make the contribution at the children's home. Munchkin said that whatever we might have spent on his birthday party was to be given to the less privileged. Must get that done by the end of the week. Working Saturday this time, crap. Next Monday then, no later.

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