Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Pray for my son, please

I was at the kitchen door when I saw my son trying to pour out a glass of juice. He’d never done that before. So I grabbed my camera and clicked. He turned around and beamed. I took another picture. He ran over to see it, smiled, and left to watch TV. I looked at the photograph in the viewer and my heart sank. His right pupil was reflecting not a red eye, but a golden one – called a ‘tiger eye.’ It told me the leakage behind his retina had not been entirely absorbed. He would probably need some more treatment.

Everybody says my son has big, sparkling, laughing eyes. He also has Coats Disease in his right eye. Abnormal blood vessels form behind the retina and begin to leak. The cholesterol in the blood settles in the space behind the retina. When too much of this collects in one place, it can detach the retina, causing blindness. In rare cases, the eye has to be removed. Coats is rare, genetic, but not hereditary. The cause is unknown, but it usually affects only one eye.

The best thing is for the leakage to stop. He will need frequent eye check ups for the rest of his life. I am grateful it is nothing worse, but I worry. People have beaten Coats and in some cases, it has reversed itself. I want that for my son. I want him to be healthy and to beat this thing. But when such unexpected reminders pop up, I can hardly stave off the panic.

I need to call the doctor and fix an appointment for early next week. That's when we were asked to come. And while I know that he may need more laser - hopefully no more cryo - something inside me is trying to put off making that appointment. It's stupid of me because even if he does need laser, we'd like to finish it off as soon as possible so that he can recover and attend an arts camp starting the 8th of April.

Keeping my fingers crossed and praying that everything goes right.

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MamaWise said...

I will be praying for him. Kids are very resilient and I have confidence that he is going to beat this! Stay strong mama!

Ana said...

My prayers for your son. I know that when our children hurt/are in pain etc Mommy suffers even worse. Can't bear to see them in pain. Praying for strength for you too.

Pocklock said...

Hang in there. Sending happy thoughts your way.

A Lost Writer said...

Thanks very much, folks.
I finally made that appointment. We'll be seeing the doctor on Monday morning. Fingers crossed.