Thursday, March 6, 2008

Mea Culpa: greed, misconceptions and then some

Yup, the last post on my kid's bottom received plenty of comments (relatively speaking, of course). Which means people actually read it :-P
So I decided to wait and see what more responses I got. Plain greed, I tell you. Mea Culpa.

I've also joined two writers networks online. One is a forum along the lines of Facebook and Orkut, but more focused. You get to talk to other writers about issues we all face. The person who started it is doing an excellent job of widening the network and including writers from across the professional spectrum.

The other is on Yahoo! Groups and involves getting critiqued by fellow writers, whom you have to critique in turn. It's purely non-fiction and I was reluctant to join. For one, I've hardly ever been a spontaneous writer. For another, I'm from India while this group is mostly made up of writers from North America. I wondered how I would bridge cultural boundaries because our environment makes up a good deal of what we write.

But you know what, I was wrong on both counts. Once I knew I HAD to make an x number of submissions a month, the ideas popped up on their own. What's more, my very first piece was about a really localized concept related to Bangalore. And I still got some good reviews. People took the time to read something they were surely unfamiliar with and wrote back with encouragement and honest feedback. Now where can you get that?

I've made two submissions so far, and I must admit it's been good. Plus, you get to read some really good pieces written by people like myself - writing on the side and hoping to do more with that writing - and critique that. I think the folks who started that group are nothing short of brilliant.

The work and home front have not been that great over the past 10 days. I was quite wound up last night. I feel better today and decided it was high time I updated my blog and got on with the rest of my life.


Rose said...

That is so cool that you've found not one but two places to get feedback from! Care to share what they are? Pretty please?
I'm really liking the blog!

Debbie said...

Everything in life from babies to teen butts and writing is organic. Everything changes however tight we sqeeze to stop it.It makes life fantastic and also scary but in a wonderful childlike woohoo way! Woooooohoooooo! Cool blog by the way, but I bet it keeps changing and evolving :-)

Catherine said...

I've found your blog via Curdled's and have really enjoyed reading about your life. Your little boy is SOOOO very smart and sounds so cute. He must make you laugh all of the time.


Take care and good luck in everything!!

A Lost Writer said...

Thanks for dropping by, folks. And your kind words. :) It's what keeps me going when things look pretty bleak - which is every now and then.

Debbie: That was a smart take on things. Put things in perspective for me. :)

Catherine: yes, he does have us in splits most of the time. But he's a little rascal who can also drive me up the wall and round the bend in 5 seconds flat. And I wouldn't trade that for anything in the world. :)

Rose: I mailed you the info you wanted. Keep dropping in. :)

Raising Mercury said...

hewwwooo =) yes, i intend on commenting on every entry you write! hahah, or at least i try, im very rarely on time though..

annnnyywwaayyysss, i just realised from your goodbye best friend entry on top that you work as a journalist! gosh, how freaking cool is that!! although when i hear the word journalist, i also think of deadlines to meet, writer's block, scary boss demanding for your article... i wonder what you think of it.. do you enjoy being a journalist?

im always at awe with people that take up 'writing opinions/news/etc' as a living.. i think its soo totally daring and its very much non conforming to what 'society' expects from us. Sometimes i think the mentality is that if you are not a doctor or engineer, you are nothing.. well at least in asian countries..

back to your entry, i have never tried forum-ing. isnt that what it is? like a forum? you write articles then people reply and give opinions? well.. ive never joined one. i know a few people that thoroughly enjoy it! its like passive debating of sorts =) but ive never been too good at writing about serious things.. i basically write from the top of my head (which isnt too good)

good luck with the forum-ing... although, i think you forgot to give us a link to it.. so i can go check out your articles =)

do take care!
somehow.. i dont think you are very lost anymore lost writer!