Thursday, April 3, 2008

Clawing my way back

The past week was bad. I couldn't write, I was binging, I was constantly hurried, and my fridge was empty because I hadn't shopped for groceries the previous weekend. So we've been eating weird experiments. Tasty, but not very healthy and certainly not good for my peace of mind. And to top it all off, things were going from bad to worse at work.

One step at a time.

I couldn't write: Everybody told me: just write. Something. Anything. Even if it's bad. So that's what I'm doing. Forcing myself to write. (You've been warned! :-P)

I was binging: Sanity has prevailed today. I also realized that I'd first stopped binging because of my meds. Then those were scaled back. I haven't binged in a month and realized I was depending on the meds to hold me back. Now I have to work on this on my own. Managed today. Fingers crossed.

I was constantly hurried: Again, because there was a lot of work left undone. And we're leaving for the beach in less than two days. So I hope to relax there.

Things bad a work: Sorted this one out. The uncertainty has gone on for too long. So today, I spoke to a senior colleague and then decided I was going to quit next month. I'm giving myself six weeks to find another job. It won't be easy because the U.S. is looking at a recession and most of the firms that pay well are affected by the slowdown as well as the depreciating dollar. And I won't work late shifts so I'm narrowing down my options. Again, fingers crossed.

Ooooh...nearly forgot. I am now the proud owner of a car. My first one ever. This is what the company gave me in late 2006 and now I've bought it from them at a really good rate. It's not mortgaged either. It's all mine. (Well, I did borrow from my Dad, but I'll pay him back in less than two months. Just waiting for a couple of bank deposits to mature.) Will take a photo of it and post it in a couple of days.

Also coming soon: The what's-in-your-handbag meme! That'll be my first meme.


Ana said...

I know what it's like to get writer's block. Sometimes "real" life can get so overwhelming trying to write it all down doesn't come easy. You are in my thoughts. Hugs~

crabbymommy said...

I've been facing it myself, so I know what you mean..congrats about the car, it must make you feel great, as it should.

Enjoy the beach, get a massage if you can and forget about everything, esp your work!!

A Lost Writer said...

Thanks, back will start to post with passion by tomorrow! :)

matchfingers said...

Yea it's kinda tiring to drive up and down in life.. I'm facing the same road, just that it's in different country.