Thursday, December 27, 2007

My Son & I

This week, I've worked only half-days at the office, choosing to spend time with my son during his school holidays. Today, we're going to a mall I normally never take him to. There will be some aimless wandering, some eating of junk-like food and a couple of tussles over what he can and cannot buy. But it will be worth it. At least I can spend time with him. He likes that.

This morning, he didn't want me to leave for work. Which is unusual, because normally, he can't wait to get rid of me. :) But none of his friends were around and his father was alternately glued to the TV or to the computer.

The little fellow finally decided he wanted to play with the Kaleidoscope puzzle (650 rupees well spent) so I dropped him off at my parents, where he keeps the set. It was a relief to leave him a contended kid. Have a good day, sweetheart.

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Prayukth said...

Hmmm kids...the world would have been so boring without em. They say that for a home to be called one, it should have senior citizens and their junior counterparts...eitherway, glad to see your enjoy your role as a mommie... :)

Take care...