Friday, July 11, 2008

Life without plastic (money)'s really weird!

I made the mistake of using my credit card in Sri Lanka in May. Just a $3.50 payment to cover for the cash I didn't have at the Colombo airport duty free store. The next thing I know, I get a call from the card company telling me that Sri Lanka is a high-risk location and I would be better off if I had my card cancelled and get a new one at no cost. Sounded good.

Around the same time, I lost my ATM PIN and haven't been able to get around to applying for a new one. I have a new account - because I have a new job and the firm will send my salary only to that particular bank - but I haven't found an ATM near my office or my house. Sigh. The credit card delivery guy has twice arrived in the middle of the afternoon and returned because we weren't home. This is after specifically requesting for a Saturday delivery or an address where I could go and pick up the card. No go!

So in 2008, I'm now dependent on cold, hard cash to manage my day-to-day spending. :-( I've never paid a rupee in interest to the credit card company. I make my full payment each month. But now that I'm card-less, it's a weird feeling. Like withdrawal symptoms from an addiction or empty-purse syndrome, maybe.

Now I better sign off and call the credit card company and see when I can get my new card. Wish me luck.


Anonymous said...


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Cant Hardly Wait said...

I am absolutly terrible with credit cards. I am better off with cash since I like having money in my pocket, I never spend it unless I need to. If I had a credit card, I'd go buck wild and be in deep, vast debt.
I hope you get your card soon!

A Lost Writer said...

I did get my card, and life seems to be back to normal. Here's my trick to using a credit card. I have standing instructions at my bank to pay the monthly bill IN FULL every month. I've never paid a penny in interest, and around one-fourth of my wardrobe has been bought from gift vouchers that I get from redeeming the rewards points. :)
But yea, I like the idea of having cash in my pocket.

Rose said...

Nothing like real hard cold cash in your pocket to remind you of the actual cost of things. Sometimes I like to just use cash so I can remember that it's actual money I'm using.

A Lost Writer said...

Yea, in these trying times, paying in cash clearly tells you how much you're spending. Witha credit card, there's an illusion coz nothing's really left your wallet.

Aidan said...

Apply for more plastics so that you can use while waiting for another to come. Just that you need to use wisely and pay correctly.