Thursday, May 15, 2008

One step forward, two steps back

Yep, that pretty much describes the past six weeks. But the past six days have been ultra-stressful. It's more like two steps forward, one-and-a-half steps back. So here's another bland and quick update.

1. The damned BlackBerry finally got repaired. Created a serious hole in my pocket, too. But at least it isn't a sword over my head any more. I'm free, at last.

2. The idiot 'boss' got so excited over my exit, he couldn't control himself for a weekend and took off big time on the Office Manager. Told the poor girl all kinds of horrid stuff. She was so upset she just left the office and headed straight home, refusing to take calls. The man has no finer feelings. Actually, the man has no feelings that relate to anybody else. If this was the US of A - a phrase the (ex) Lord & Master was fond of using - the man would be sued for harrassment 10 times over. He's actually said stuff like: "You women join work and quit when you get married or take a year off when you get pregnant." D'uh... Looks like someone hasn't realized this is the 21st century.

3. My passport was supposed to have been dispatched this evening, but the passport office website still doesn't state a dispatch number. I'm supposed to show my passport when I join work on Monday, but hey... Grrrrrrrrrr.

4. I've lost my doc's phone number! And haven't been able to track him down for the past 3 days. Long story...meant for another blogpost. Maybe. I need a session, really. You think I could just write to him?

5. At home, the room meant for the in-laws (arriving next Wednesday) is not yet ready. The husband cannot do anything on its own. Is always to tired to help when I want to start and sonny boy has been spoilt rotten during the holidays. Took the kid out for a movie, Bhootnath, this afternoon. Nice time pass, nothing life-altering! Like I could even deal with anything like that right now. Sigh.

6. If this much-worked-for passport does arrive before Monday, I'm supposed to head out to Colombo for two weeks of training, missing kiddo's first three days in the first grade. Waaaaaaaahhhhh. Not good.

7. Kiddo had his two lower front teeth pulled out coz the permanent teeth had grown in about 3mm behind the milk teeth and the milk teeth had been shaking but not showing any signs of falling out. He howled and I nearly did the same. I actually felt physically sick when he cried, saw the room spin and was sure I was going to faint or throw up or both...sigh...

I miss my friends at work. I really do.

I haven't written anything in ages. Which makes me feel worse. I wonder when I will be able to get back in the groove...

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rose said...

glad you're back, don't beat yourself up! i am dreading the whole loose tooth phase. my son is only seven months and doesnt have teeth yet, but i imagine the time will be here before i know it! i am very squeemish and will likely pass out.